Georgia's Protein Powder

About protein powders

Unable to find pure protein powders—without sugars and unhealthy fillers—I had to create my own formula to help clients restore their health.

Blood sugar plays a critical role in your health. Diabetes (high), hypoglycemia (low), or dysglycemia (high and low) are unbalanced blood sugars that affect every aspect of your health: energy, mood, memory, hormonal balance, behavior, inflammation, circulation, immunity, etc. Unstable blood sugars starve cells, exhaust the endocrine system, damage circulation, contribute to degenerative disease processes, and compromise the body’s ability to heal.

Food has the power to kill you or to cure you.

Every time you eat you are either feeding disease or fueling health. Your body was created to heal itself with the right tools: a healthy diet with healthy lifestyle habits that support a healthy blood sugar.

When the blood sugar is out of control every single cell in the body pays a price.

Knowing protein consumption supports a healthy blood sugar and that sugars, starches, artificial sweeteners, stimulants and fillers trigger unhealthy blood sugar reactions, I had to find a protein powder that did not contain ingredients that disrupt blood sugar balance.

Ingredients – Only One

Georgia’s protein powders contain only one ingredient—pure cold-processed protein—nothing else is added. By design and with a purpose, the powders contain no:

• sugars, fillers, stimulants

• artificial sweeteners or flavorings

• synthetic nutrients, yeast

• rBGH (bovine growth hormone)

• GMO (genetically modified organisms)

• gluten, thickeners, or additives of any kind

Clients following the therapeutic dietary program (70/30 or 60/40 ratios) recovered because blood sugars were balanced by increasing protein consumption, eliminating stimulants and reducing carbohydrate intake.

Keeping the blood sugar in balance keeps the metabolic function of the body in balance, supporting a healthy immune system and a positive attitude.

For detailed information regarding the Ratio Diet you may contact me, OR you can do it yourself. Simply consume more protein and healthy fats, eliminate all sugars and stimulants, cut carbohydrates, and have a balanced (sugar-free) protein drink with meals and snacks to stabilize the blood sugar--and do it religiously!!!

Why blood sugar is so important

Four things cause most of today’s health problems: diet, life-style habits, stress, and environmental toxins. All can disrupt blood sugar balance.

Blood sugar (glucose) is the fuel for every cell in the body. If it is out of balance (high, low or both), it…

• deprives the cells of sufficient fuel for maintenance, detoxification, and healing,

• damages the endocrine system—pancreas, liver, adrenal glands, etc.,

• damages circulation, creating inflammatory and degenerative processes,

• disrupts hormone and pH balance, and more...

If you feel good, keep the blood sugar balanced to remain healthy and enjoy a high-quality life. If you don’t feel well, do not rule out an unstable blood sugar as a possible cause before wasting time, energy, and money searching for a magic bullet when a healthy diet is your magic bullet, the most effective (and cost-effective) solution.

About lifestyle habits

Lifestyle habits that exhaust the glands and organs that maintain blood sugar balance MUST be eliminated:

Sugars, starches, and stimulants spike the blood sugar, disrupt hormones, create insulin resistance, plug circulation, alter pH balance, burn out the endocrine system (pancreas, adrenal glands, liver, etc.), and much more.

Synthetic sweeteners send the wrong message to the endocrine system and feed cravings.

Skipping meals overworks the adrenal glands. Adrenal hormones are released to break down sugar reserves from the liver to help maintain a supply of fuel (glucose) to cells when meals are skipped.

Sleep deprivation deprives your body of the ability to detoxify and recharge your adrenals. Like cell phones, the adrenal glands must be recharged nightly to fuel your cells efficiently.

Stress activates adrenal stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol). Chronic stress—physical, mental, emotional or dietary—can burn out the adrenal glands, create systemic inflammation, and compromise your quality of life.

Stressercize (excessive exercise) requires strong adrenal function. Overdoing it can burn out the adrenals and cause anxiety, fatigue, and heart rhythm irregularities, particularly if dietary and lifestyle habits are not followed.

Sabotaging environmental toxins are difficult to avoid. They are present everywhere: air, food and water. However, balancing your blood sugar and metabolism will support detoxification, rebuilding, and healing functions.

Diet, lifestyle habits, and the environment influence your quality of life. Your health is in your hands. No one is more suitably qualified to care for your body than you are. My mentor often said -

"The human body is a miraculous piece of machinery. It will do everything it can to fix (heal) itself, if you give it the right tools."

My mentor also had a warning about ignoring the body's needs -

"You can fool yourself, but never your cells."

"The only way to cure anything is to get the body in balance so it can cure itself."

Protein Sources

The cold-processed whey protein powders are produced in Wisconsin. The raw product is obtained from organic farms and farms that do not use growth hormones in the care of their animals.

The non-GMO soy protein powder is produced in Missouri.

The powders are purchased fresh, packaged soon after purchase, and stocked in stores soon after packaging.

Shelf Life

All of Georgia’s protein powders have a shelf life of at least 2 years, after which they may start to lose some nutritional value, but are still an effective protein supplement.

Labels & Prices

Consumer beware! Do not be fooled by deceptive marketing. Compare labels and prices.

• A serving size of Georgia’s protein powders is 1 ounce—or 2 rounded tablespoons—not a scoop which can be deceiving. A scoop is often larger than an ounce and will fool the consumer into thinking that a product has more protein per serving when in reality the scoop size is larger to give the illusion that you are getting more protein per serving—but not per ounce.

• Protein, 22-24 gm; Fat, 0 gm; Carbs, less than 2 gm., no added sugars.

• Georgia’s protein powders are price competitive. Compare weight and serving size. Some protein products are less than a pound (16 oz) and/or contain a variety of inexpensive fillers that contribute to weight and appear cheaper. Compare weight with price. Divide price by number of ounces. Compare weight with ingredients. Are you paying for pure protein powder or powders with added, inexpensive sugars and fillers?

Which Protein is Best for You?

If you do not have a dairy sensitivity, I recommend the non-instant whey proteins: the hormone-free whey concentrate (rust-colored design) or the 100% Organic (green-colored design). They make thicker smoothies and are best mixed in a blender.

The instant (self-mixing) whey powders are the whey concentrate (tan-colored design) and the “Organic” whey powder (purple design). All whey powders are low lactose and free of sugars, stimulants, and fillers.

If you are sensitive to dairy, you may want to use the non-GMO soy protein. No sugars, stimulants, or fillers.

How to Use

The protein powders can be used for general purposes or “customized” for therapeutic purposes to support and maintain blood sugar balance and to help support the withdrawal from addictive substances.

For general use, many people (particularly body builders) like to increase their protein intake with an occasional smoothie. However, fruit and vegetable smoothies are high in sugar and must be diluted with water and balanced with sufficient protein to prevent blood sugar spikes and metabolic stress (damage).

For therapeutic use, the protein can easily be customized for blood sugar balance. Blend powder with diluted fruit/vegetable juices, a little cream, milk, coconut or almond milk, or just plain water—purified, of course, and add ¼ tsp cinnamon- yummy. See recipe brochure.

To help stop addictive cravings and to alleviate anxiety or panic attacks caused by blood-sugar swings and adrenal hormone reactions—simply take sips on a protein smoothie and a bite of a protein snack (boiled egg, cheese, quiche, cold meat, nuts, etc.) when needed. This will help stabilize blood sugar, shut off adrenal stress hormones, and alleviate the cravings and symptoms. The weaker the adrenal glands, the more often one should sip on the protein drink. That would be as often as every 20 minutes for some or only once or twice between meals for others. You will know how often because you will feel any one or number of symptoms: you may feel anxious, angry, weak, dizzy, confused, brain fog, faint, fearful, panic, and/or more craving.

The powders can be added to recipes to enhance the protein value. Pancakes are high in carbohydrates; add protein powder to the mix to increase the protein content. Cereals, also high in carbohydrates, can be healthier with protein powder added. However, it is best to avoid grains and other high-carbohydrate foods, as they trigger blood sugar spikes.


If you are serious about improving your health or concerned about blood sugar issues, do not flavor your protein drinks with sugars or artificial sweeteners. Use small amounts of fruits or minimal amounts of juices—just enough to flavor a smoothie (diluted with purified water) but not enough to spike the blood sugar and disrupt hormonal function. (See my smoothie recipes).

Although full of nutrients, a fruit/vegetable smoothie is loaded with natural sugars and will spike the blood sugar—defeating your healing goals—if a sufficient amount of protein powder is not added to the drink.

Eliminating sugars and limiting carbohydrates in the diet supports weight loss and helps prevent or reverse disease and degenerative processes.

Protein Smoothies – How Often?

For general use—as often as desired or needed.

For therapeutic use—as needed with meals and snacks to counter balance carbohydrates in the diet, and to help maintain blood sugar balance.

For withdrawal support from addictions—sip as needed throughout the day to restore blood sugar balance and alleviate cravings and symptoms.

Therapeutic Use

The therapeutic diet was formulated by my mentor, the late Keith S. Lowell M.D., D.O, and the late Dr. James Klinkhammer, biochemist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston, TX. Together they had a 7-year government grant to study living cells.

The doctors monitored food intake (ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats) and the ratios’ effects on cellular function.

Their research revealed that unhealthy cells come alive and function best on higher ratios of protein to fats and carbohydrates, 60-70% protein to 30-40% combination of fats and carbohydrates. The protein drinks are used to enhance the protein content of meals and snacks.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.