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Balance & Addiction

Being healthy or regaining health does not have to cost a lot of money. All you need is the right information and the willingness to take that knowledge and apply it. Essentially—take personal responsibility to make the necessary changes to help your body get well. Believe me, it works! And it only costs the price of your groceries.

I learned this valuable information the hard way—by getting sick myself 40 years ago. After a year of doctoring and a week in the hospital, my health took a devastating dive—my story has been published in newspapers, books, and a medical journal. In desperation, I turned to an alternative approach using nutrition. I recovered. I didn’t get well instantly, but as I eliminated the causes of my problems and addressed my body’s need for the right nutrition, I began to rebuild and heal—in 18 months I was a new person, symptom free and feeling better than I had my entire life.

For more than three decades I have shared this healing information with clients who also recovered when previous treatments failed (see testimonies). I would like to share my knowledge with you, too. If you came to this website, you are probably searching for a way to feel better or for a way to prevent getting sick. Well, here is an answer for you.


The secret to building and regaining health, or preventing disease, is “balance”—metabolic balance. When the body’s metabolism is out of balance, it weakens the immune system and affects the body’s ability to function well. It compromises your ability to detoxify, handle stress, think clearly, and to have sufficient energy to want to get up and go. Over time, a chronically unbalanced chemistry causes dysfunction and disease. Even relationships (personal and business) can be destroyed, and many goals in life remain unaccomplished because of an unbalanced metabolism.

The only way to cure anything is to get the body in balance so it can cure itself!

How do I know if I am out of balance?

Your blood sugar is the key, but you will also know by recognizing symptoms: tired, can’t focus, ornery, irritable, nervous, anxious, heart palpitations, weak, confused, hyper, exhausted, can’t sleep, nauseous, pain, no appetite, too much appetite, too thin, too heavy, moody, poor immunity, headaches, blurred vision, hair loss, dry/oily skin – you name it. A balanced chemistry is symptom free, full of energy, happy, positive, ambitious, motivated, and can’t wait to get up and go everyday.

What is meant by “unbalanced” metabolism?

There are 4 types of metabolism:

1. Insulin-sensitive with healthy adrenal glands (balanced)

2. Insulin-resistant with healthy adrenal glands (unbalanced)

3. Insulin-sensitive with burned-out adrenal glands (unbalanced)

4. Insulin-resistant with burned-out adrenal glands (really unbalanced)

If you have the first type you have a balanced metabolism and you should be healthy and happy. If you have any one of the remaining three, you are out of balance and, no doubt, experiencing symptoms and not feeling well.

With type 1, blood sugar levels are “balanced” and adrenal glands are strong. You feel great!

With type 2, blood sugar levels are high (diabetes), but adrenal glands are strong. Symptoms surface.

With type 3, blood sugar levels are low and adrenals are weak (hypoglycemia). More symptoms surface.

With type 4, blood sugar levels are high and low (dysglycemia), and you are a “wreck”.

Your metabolism is controlled by your endocrine glands (pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, thymus, gonads, etc.) and their hormones, which, in turn, are controlled by your diet and lifestyle habits. Blood sugar, hormones, and pH levels are maintained in balance by the endocrine system. Balance is disrupted when one or more of the glands weaken. Excluding a rare tumor, the major causes of endocrine weaknesses are self induced via diet, stimulants, stress, toxins, and/or lifestyle habits.

What causes “unbalanced” metabolism?

Poor eating and lifestyle habits are the two major causes of an unbalanced metabolic chemistry. I refer to these dietary and lifestyle habits as the “9 S’s of poor health”:

1. Standard American Diet (SAD) –processed foods

2. Sugar – natural and artificial sweeteners

3. Starch – carbohydrates (which turn to sugar)

4. Stimulants: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs

5. Skipping meals

6. Sleep deprivation

7. Stress

8. Stressercise (excessive exercising)

9. Sabotaging toxins in air, water, and food

How do these habits compromise health?

1. The S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) fills the body with few nutrients and many toxins.

2. Sugar spikes the blood glucose (sugar) and weakens the endocrine system (pancreas and adrenal glands).

3. Starch (a complex carbohydrate) turns to sugar and, in excess, causes weight gain and endocrine stress.

4. Stimulants stress the adrenal glands, disrupt hormonal balance, and compromise digestion and circulation.

5. Skipping meals forces adrenal glands to work harder to maintain blood sugar balance in the absence of food.

6. Sleep deprivation deprives the adrenal glands of rest and recuperation.

7. Stress stimulates the adrenal glands to release stress hormones, contributing to adrenal burn out.

8. Stressercise triggers “fight-or-flight” hormones, burning out adrenals. When it does, you will know it!!

9. Sabotaging toxins (in air, water, and food) disrupt healthy cellular and metabolic function.

Your glands are working very hard every second of every day (24/7) to keep your chemistry in balance. The more stressors you have, the more symptoms you will have, and…


What must I do to feel good again?

The solution is very simple. You must eliminate the stressors—the dietary and lifestyle habits that are throwing your metabolism and chemistry out of balance—and replace them with better habits that will help maintain balance so the body can begin to repair and heal:

1. Eat “real,” natural, unprocessed, whole foods and drink “purified” water.

2. Eliminate sugars and artificial sweeteners-- No cheating.

3. Reduce carbohydrates (particularly starches and grains) and increase protein consumption.

4. Eliminate stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs).

5. Do NOT skip meals.

6. Get your sleep—rest and recharge those adrenals. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth any two hours after midnight.

7. Avoid stress and excessive exercise.

But – I’m addicted to sugar, caffeine, and nicotine!

The more you crave, the weaker are your adrenal glands and the harder you have to work to rebuild them. All addictive substances and stress exhaust the adrenals. If your adrenal glands are tired, the worse will be the cravings and, thus, the symptoms. If you don’t give up the addictive substance(s) that burns out your adrenals, the number and severity of your symptoms will increase until your glands collapse from the chronic stress. Sooner or later, you will have to address the problem. It is best not to wait until it is too late.

How can I stop my addiction(s)?

First, eliminate the cause(s)—the substance(s) and habits--that destroy the adrenal glands. Substitute an addictive substance with a nutritious protein snack and a few sips of a protein drink. This will balance the blood sugar, relieve the craving, and rest the adrenals. Do this every time you have a craving! Every few minutes, if necessary.

That is how my protein powders help. They have been formulated to balance metabolism. A blood sugar that goes too high or drops too fast or too low causes symptoms, cravings and damage. The drop stimulates the adrenal glands’ “fight-or-flight” hormones, which continue to exacerbate addictive behavior, weaken the adrenals, and create more symptoms. It is a vicious cycle that must be stopped before it destroys you! Drink or sip on a protein drink with each balanced meal and snack to support healthy blood sugar maintenance, healing, and better health!