Georgia's Protein Powder

Georgia’s Proteins-for-Balance Healthy Recipes

Easy Banana-Protein Shake


1 to 2 oz cream

1/6 or 1/8 banana (freeze remaining pieces of banana for future use—or make 6 or 8 drinks and refrigerate)*

2 rounded tablespoons of Georgia’s Unsweetened Protein Powder (whey or soy)

1/4 avocado (optional) makes a thicker drink

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Fill remaining 8 oz cup with purified water.


In 8 oz mini blender cup --

Add all ingredients and blend. Fill water last to prevent overflow.

(Refrigerated drinks should be good for 2 to 3 days.)

Enjoy! This is quick and easy to make—and it is delicious!


When on the run, throw a protein drink or two in a cooler to consume when needed for energy, to balance blood sugar, or to help curb hunger and cravings between meals.

* Use only a small portion of banana to keep carbohydrates low—just enough to add flavor , but not enough to disturb blood sugar. This is critical to keeping the body’s chemistry in balance so that it supports the immune system.

For thicker, more nutritious tasty shakes, add some avocado . Blend in desired amount (1/8 to 1/4 - freeze the rest) with remaining ingredients.



Georgia’s Protein Carrot Juice Shake

Juice fresh carrots in juicer (I have found commercial carrot juice to not be as flavorful as fresh carrotjuice). Freeze or refrigerate juice for future use.


1 to 2 oz carrot juice (I use 1-oz Tupperware cups to measure juice)

For sweeter taste use more carrot juice.

For better blood sugar control use only 1 to 2 oz

carrot juice.

1 to 2 oz cream

2 heaping tablespoons of Georgia’s (unsweetened) Protein Powder for Balance (whey, egg, or soy )

4 to 6 oz purified water (or fill remainder of cup with purified water)


Add all ingredients to 8 oz mini blender cup and blend until mixed--mixes quickly.

Make several 8-oz servings at one time. Refrigerate for quick use when needed.



Remember: the goal is to make every shake taste good WITHOUT the addition of sugars or artificial sweeteners (low carbohydrates).

Sugars disturb blood sugar and disrupt the balance that the body needs to prevent and reverse disease and degeneration. Artificial sweeteners stimulate the release of insulin—contributing to insulin resistance.

A balanced blood sugar helps promote healing.


Georgia’s Protein Spinach Juice Shake

Spinach juice

(makes several servings)

Fresh washed spinach leaves (remove large stems ) – fill blender.*

Fill remaining blender space with purified water and blend into a nice green juice.

Freeze extra spinach juice to preserve for future use.


In 8-oz mini blender cup

1—4 oz (approximately 1/4—1/2 cup) spinach juice

1 to 2 oz cream

1/8 banana (or more for sweeter taste—take care to not disturb blood sugar)

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 + heaping tablespoons of Georgia’s unsweetened Protein Powder for Balance (whey or soy )

Purified water to fill remainder of cup.


Add all ingredients to mini blender cup and blend until mixed.

Make several 8-oz servings at one time and refrigerate for quick use when needed.

Good for about 2 days.

* If you don’t want to separate stems from spinach, just wash spinach, fill blender with spinach and water. Fiilter blended liquid through colander to remove excess fiber from spinach juice. However, a little fiber will give you a better feeling of fullness and help curb cravings longer. When you do crave, sip on the protein shake with a light protein snack: cheese, boiled egg, cold meat, etc. to stop craving.